Several months ago I received a text from a friend.  It was simply this: "Where do I find lemon zest at the grocery?"  Ok, now I know what you're thinking...Really?? Um, yes. After what I'm sure could be taken as a sassy comment of disbelief I say, "in produce?" So, Of course I think I'm being punk'd...how could anyone seriously be asking this question??   But, no, she really didn't have any idea that lemon zest, as the recipe called for, was on a lemon. 

I realized a few things here... A)  No, not everyone knows some of, what seems to be, the simple things in the culinary world that we just assume everyone knows.  B) If one person had this question, I'm betting there are even more in the world that have the same question.  C) If not lemon zest, there are probably other ingredients or processes in the kitchen that people might have questions about.  And lastly, without the sarcastic tone, I could be a resource for these people that just need a little help in the kitchen.  

My hope would be that this blog can be a place where you might come to find inspiration, feed your creativity and release your passion for food:  Ingredients, Colors, Textures, Flavors

Check out this article I found on Cooking Light: 10 Things to Know About Lemons.


Did anything on that list grab you? Personally, I use lemon zest in many things.  Some things might seem obscure...but, when you need to really enhance a flavor, consider lemon zest.  In baking, if the recipe calls for and kind of lemon juice, I always add some zest as well. It just really enhanced the lemony flavor of the final product.   In savory dishes I even use it in my Chicken Pot Pie and the Bechamel/cheese filling layer in Lasagna.  Just a slight touch, careful to not go overboard.  You want people to think, "wow that tastes great, what did you put in that?" Not, "Oh, your lasagna is so lemony tasting."

I'd love to hear your comments related to the article. Post in comments some of the ways you use lemon zest in recipes.  Any unique way or recipe that you use lemon zest for in the kitchen?

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