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BLUEBERRIES! July is National Blueberry Month

I thought you might enjoy reading a few fun facts about Blueberries.

Blueberries are one of the most popular fruits in North America and here’s your first fact: along with the cranberry and the Concord grape, they are one of only three fruits to be native to North America.  No wonder they’re so popular!

You shouldn’t be surprised to know that this makes the blueberry muffin the most popular muffin in North America; so the next time you’re chowing down on one, rest assured that you have fantastic taste in muffins.  They are also the official state muffins in Minnesota (go Vikings…I think?). 

Reverence for the good old blueberry doesn’t just stop at Minnesota, oh no!  New Jersey’s official state fruit is the blueberry, as it was the first place that the highbush blueberry was cultivated.  Every year for a full week in September, the residents of New Jersey paint their entire bodies blue and wear only blue clothes to celebrate the blueberry (OK, so that doesn’t really happen, but it would be fun right?).

Now, I imagine a lot of parents at this point are saying to themselves… “Yes, they’re delicious, but what about the blueberry stains?” Nothing like the little ones covered in blueberries all over those fingers.  Well, here’s another fun fact to fix this, should your little one decide to paint themselves… a mixture of equal parts vinegar, water and liquid dish soap works a treat on clothes and if you can bear the lingering smell, wine vinegar works on fingers and hands.  (Now, if they get really carried away you might need to re-paint walls…good luck!)

In fact, blueberries are such an effective stain that Native Americans used to use them to paint all manner of things.  From houses to furniture and artwork to private yachts; the Native Americans truly understood the staining power of blueberries.  And the good thing about blueberry stained clothes is that you can be as messy as you want with them!

So there you have it; some fun facts about our beloved blueberry!  Happy blueberry month!  Don't forget to comment and share by clicking below... I'd love to hear any of your blueberry facts or tips!