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Master Summer Grilling, Just Add Coffee

Let’s face it, the BEST part of summer isn’t the heat & humidity, or the longer sunny days, not even swimming in the lake or pool.  Well, actually those are certainly not bad…  For many of us the BEST part is summer grilling! There is nothing like firing up the grill to turn up the flavor on all your favorite foods.  How about that charred golden crust and smoky flavor? What about creating the most tender juicy steak or succulent fall off the bone ribs? Now, THAT’s summer!  And I have a secret ingredient for you… Coffee.   It’s not only the best part of waking up…it’s in my dry rub!

Why coffee in a dry rub for grilling?

There are two reasons I use ground coffee in my dry rub and it’s not for the coffee flavor. In fact, you probably won’t even taste coffee in my rub. There is just enough in my secret recipe to add depth of flavor to the meat giving it a richness that enhances the natural flavor. The acidity of the coffee also aids in the process of tenderizing the meat. So, as long as you don’t overcook, you’ll get that perfect, tender bite!

Coffee can be used in both ground and brewed forms for your summer grilling.  Ground coffee is perfect for dry rubs, while brewed coffee is great for liquid marinades and sauces. Just add brewed coffee to your favorite marinade or sauce and taste how the flavors explode.  It just takes the flavor to the next level.  Here’s another secret ingredient idea…add brewed coffee to your baked beans! You might have to experiment a little just based on your brew strength. Remember, you’re not looking for your food to be coffee flavored.  Use just enough to enhance what’s already there.  Leave people wondering…  Don’t hit them over the head with COFFEE…

The next question is when...sit overnight? Or, just before grilling?

Many cooks/chefs have strong opinions on when to apply a dry rub -- some say to allow at least a couple of hours and ideally overnight. Others only will apply it as they are placing them in them on the grill.  I believe it just comes down to preference.  Food science would give pros and cons to either, but whatever overall effect timing would have is most likely little.


Applying just prior to cooking tends to not allow time for the moisture to be pulled form the outer layers of the meat.  Some feel this produces a more succulent result to the meat.  Letting the rub marinate creates a paste because it draws out some of the moisture from the meat. It could seem from this process that the meat could have a dry texture.

From my experience, I like to apply my dry rub at least 8 hours to overnight.  I feel like this gives more time for the protein to absorb flavor and for the coffee to do its work in tenderizing the meat.  Yes, the salts will pull some of the liquid/moisture from the meat. But, not enough to leave it dry and I like the paste that is created with the meats juices…it creates a great crust (or bark) when grilled.

This summer, get creative with your coffee AND your grill. Encrust your pork tenderloin with a mix of peppercorns and ground coffee, or add some left over brewed coffee to your baked beans or favorite barbecue sauce. 

No time to play with your food? 

With Coffee Dry Rub by Paul Wayne, you will be the master of your grill and your family or guests will be clamming for more! It’s the most flavorful blend of herbs, salts, sugars and spices that will have people talking about your food for days.


Here’s my simple summer grilling recipe for pork tenderloin… Just place meat in a plastic sealable bag and add my Coffee Dry Rub.  Use enough to coat the meat.  Seal the bag (releasing any air as you seal) and squish the seasonings all around the meat until it’s evenly coated.  Place overnight in the refrigerator.  Pull from refrigerator a half hour prior to grilling.  Grill on high heat for two minutes each side to sear the meat, then turn down the heat to medium and grill for another 5-8 each side depending on meat. 

Don’t overcook.  You’re done on the grill when you squeeze the meat and it gently pushes back.  If too squishy, it’s not done.  If there is no pushback, you’ve gone too far.  Remember, it will continue to cook while you let it rest 10 minutes.

In the last 5 min of grilling I love to brush on some apricot jam/jelly to finish it off with a sweet glaze.  Happy grilling this summer!

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