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Are you a fan of adventure in food trends?  Or, are you more apt to stick to the classics? Let's face it; as much as you love your favorite comfort foods, there’s no real harm in getting out of your comfort zone when it comes to trying some of the popular food trends every year.

As you probably know, every year there are some emerging food trends that get a bright spotlight. The coolest food trends we are noticing in 2016 are no different - and put an accent on a variety of foods that deserve some glory. From turmeric to cauliflower and a bunch of new superfoods, we are listing the top 5 food trends below that are stealing the show so far this year.

1. Ube



The color purple… Ube is a root that is popular in Philippines because of its royal color and sweet taste.  With this ingredient many sweet foods that were definitely in need of change, are getting a well-deserved facelift.  If you are getting bored with standard ice creams, puddings, icings and donuts…Ube is the change you are looking for. And, you also experience that gorgeous natural color too!

Another advantage of this unique root is it's 'healthy' image. Since it is technically a vegetable and we know health advantages of blue and purple foods, Ube is recommended and is healthy to consume.  Keep that in mind while consuming it along with your donuts and cupcakes in some of the hippest restaurants and bakeries in the US. We certainly hope that Ube will find its way to the restaurant scene as well.

2. No - waste restaurants

This is not actually a food as a food trend - but more like a movement in the restaurant industry. While a few restaurants have been part of this movement now for two years, it’s now becoming a trend that many restaurants are catching onto.  It’s said that a typical restaurant produces eight gallons of trash per hour.  Sending all of that to that trash becomes a huge amount of waste. Could any of that waste be used further to reduce landfill?  The answer YES, is certainly trending this year.

It is estimated that Americans waste almost 40% of their food - which is why we need a change. All the food waste can be repurposed, and this revolution started with the chef and restaurateur Dan Barber who served dishes made of food waste for 19 days straight. This has emerged into a massive trend; so, don't be surprised if you see more restaurants of this type.

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3. Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower anything could make this list - and not just cauliflower rice. If you are a fan of the food trends and eating out is your modus operandi, you have certainly heard the term cauliflower. It is an alternative to dough, rice and everything else which is full of gluten. 

I picked cauliflower rice as the major trend, since it is an easy option to prepare at home and an affordable one for eating as well. Oh, and it is 100% healthy and gluten-free!

 4. Grass-Fed Beef & Meat

Animals that are fed with grass - rather than other foods - are proven to produce better meat and have a lower fat content… 65% lower fat and 50% fewer calories than grain fed beef. If you are NOT a vegan, I strongly recommend trying out a grass-feed beef or meat of any kind. There is a big flavor and texture difference in making the perfect steak from a grass-fed animal. And although it demands more time to prepare it, grass-fed meat is a new experience when it comes to taste. This trend is moving in concert with other consumer awareness to consume healthy, organic and whole foods.

5. Turmeric



Turmeric is trending big this year! This is one of the top trending functional food and has been a long staple of Eastern medicine. Originating in India and being a major part of the culture, it can be served and prepared in a lot of ways - as a spice, in a soup or even a lemonade drink.  It is the spice that gives curry its yellow color.  I also uses this in corn chowder, just for its color…

It took a while for the modern world to accept turmeric as a part of the industry, but fortunately, it's finally here. It boasts with anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful anti-oxidant that can also assist in the prevention of cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's and a number of other fatal diseases.


Hipster or not, these food trends are here and on the rise.  They can be used in many ways - and finding your favorite one is not tough as they are readily available in most grocery stores. A lot of casual restaurants have adopted them already and the Internet has turned on its fire gaze. So, have fun with your food!  Try these food trends for yourself (or be a part of them) and be on the lookout for new trends every year that are introduced to us by the food industry.