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Holiday Cutout Cookies
frosted cutouts

One of my FAVORITE cookies would be a frosted cutout...especially around the holiday.  I've played with many recipes over the years and I created one for my online store that is a cross between Cheryl & Co and Panera Bread's frosted cutouts.  I'd love to share that recipe, but it's a total secret so I can't!  BUT... I do have a couple shortbread recipes I'd love to have you try. 

First, here's one from the Barefoot Contessa herself..Ina Garten.  I've made these many many times and they always turn out perfectly.  They are buttery delicious with the perfect shortbread texture.  Don't over-bake!  Nobody likes a hard, dry cookie!

christmas cookies

Then, my other favorite recipe for shortbread is from an american treasure (whom I did actually meet once!), the delightful Julia Child in her 'Baking with Julia' cookbook...this is THE best baking cookbook, FYI.  This is a must try recipe...the technique is very unusual and sounds crazy to freeze and then grate the dough....but,'s everything!

If you get a chance to try either of these, please make a comment below and let me know what you thought.  I'd love to hear from you.

holiday cookies